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Mosquito Control

Larvicide is applied to potential mosquito breeding grounds (stagnant water) to prevent larvae from maturing into adult stages.


Bird Control

With our bird proofing solutions you can be assured you’ll never get in a flap over bird problems and you have taken the most effective steps towards preventing birds from inhabiting and damaging your building. Bird control offers a long-term solution and when installed correctly, is 100% effective.


Cockroach Control

Excellent sanitation is a very important part of eliminating cockroaches from home sand business.


Termite Control

Termiticide powders are delivered via specialized puffer devices into the shelter tubes where termites are active.


Pest Control Services

Rodent Control, Insect Control, Bed bugs, Bees / Wasps, Ants, Cockroaches, Bird Control, Pigeons…


Sanitizing Service

Based on the upcoming Rise in Covid-19 Cases, we are at an alarming state. Therefore, At CMC, we provide the Best Sanitizing & Disinfection Service right at your doorstep.

Our Commercial Clienteles