About Us


CMC Green
Solution Sdn Bhd

We are a bunch of pest professionals with years of experience in this factory. However, experience is not all that matters; what matters to us and to our satisfied customer are CMC team members’ passion and commitment towards their work.

We believe in continuous people & product improvement in providing our team members the best knowledge, skills and tools; so that they can transfer all these to our customers in the field and deliver positive results whilst maintaining the standards of Health & Safety guideline as specified by Malaysia Laws.

We not only deliver general pest control services for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors; we also provide custom made pest control solutions, training, consultations, comprehensive inspections & reports for customers that requires high quality standards of Integrated Pest Management for their businesses.

Provide door-to-door
service for your

We have a skilled and
knowledgeable workforce.

Extensive experience in
handling work and

Using variety or latest
machine and equipment.

Using safe ingredients with
no side effects.

No hidden cost in our

Our Goals

  • To enhance the living and working environment of our clients through providing the highest standard of services.
  • To provide advice on pests and build long-term and reliable relationships and be able to solve client’s pest problems by offering quality services.


We believe in providing service to our client’s with respect and a high value of trust. We strive to grow and be competitive through creativity, invention and innovation. We incorporate honesty, integrity and positive and trustworthy business ethics into all aspects of our business functions.

Mission Statement

To excel as a Service Provider of valued added Pest Management Services and Solutions. To be one of the knows and trusted companies in the Pest Control Industry, uses the latest technology and is guaranteed safe according to industry standards.

Disinfectant are
certified Halal by JAKIM

Made in Malaysia
Disinfectant produced
in Malaysia and undergo
an intensive research by
a group of researchers
of local university.

Registered MDA
Registered under
Medical Device
Authority (MDA). It
meets the requirement
in the third schedule of
Medical Device
Regulation 2012 by TUV
SUD Malaysia.


Disinfectant used are
disinfectant which is an
organic compound.
Disinfectants will be
degraded or stabilised


Our highly trained technicians have in-depth experience in working with toxic and regulated products as well as the handling, transport and disposal of contaminated waste. All methods and techniques comply with current health and safety regulations to assure a safe working environment.

Rapid Response

Advanced management and logistics system ensure that our technicians are constantly on call with the correct equipment to implement solutions with the required effect.

The management and all employees at CMC are working together to fulfil the aspiration as a market leader by embracing the following core values.


Cost-efficient methods and techniques based on research & development and area zoning for logistics system, ensures effective and compliance with environmental regulations.


We adopt a “win-win” attitude in the way we conduct our business, especially with you as our honest partner in respect of cost effectiveness.


We adopt a “pro-active” attitude in the way we provide services to our business partner by taking immediate action where the services is needed through efficiency


We adopt a “caring” attitude in the way we service our business partner by sharing the pest burden with you and provide the most effective pest prevention programme.


We adopt a “commitment” attitude in the way we deliver our service to our business partner and we adhere to what we have committed by delivering the services we have agreed upon at the agreed time and uncompromised quality.